Energy Efficiency

Achieving more with gas technology

Modern gas appliances have the best efficiency rankings – in heating as well as in power generation – and this technology is available already. It is the most economic way to reach the European targets for energy efficiency quickly.

Gas Power Plants

Providing greater efficiency.

Gas-fired power plants are highly efficient to provide the power you need.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) can reach efficiencies beyond 60%. This step-change is achieved by using the exhaust heat from the gas turbine to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine.

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Gas Heating

Modern gas heating systems are an efficient way to achieve the EU targets.

Labelling highlights the efficiency of gas technologies

Energy Efficiency: 03 - EN

The EU labelling highlights the efficiency of modern gas technologies.Switching from an old oil-fired boiler to a class ‘A’ gas condensing boiler increases efficiency by up to 65%.

Micro-CHPs and gas heat pumps rank even better at A++.

Quick Wins towards Climate Goals

New gas heating systems are the most economic way to meet the climate goals.

Heating systems: A comparison

With 80% of the current building stock expected to be still in place in 2050, gas heating systems will play a crucial role in this retrofitting environment. Upgrading outdated heating systems can help customers achieve quick, lasting wins between investment costs and energy savings, while requiring no additional structural changes to homes.

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Policy Recommendations

Energy Efficiency

Build the future energy system with gas, wind and sun.

  • Use the high efficiency and fast ramp rates of gas-fired power stations to back up variable renewables.
  • Recognise the high efficiency of gas appliances through the revision of legislation on the energy performance of buildings, energy labelling and the primary energy factor.

Create a reliable and positive framework for the European gas market.

  • Recognise that gas is an extremely efficient fuel in all sectors.

Ensure fair competition for gas and electricity in heating.

  • Acknowledge that gas heating helps reach the energy efficiency target and will support the use of renewables.
  • Encourage the replacement of old inefficient boilers with new high-efficiency gas boilers for low-cost and fast renovation.
  • Collect reliable data on heating and cooling to support evidence-based policy decisions.
  • Create a tool to allow consumers to choose their application based on their individual circumstances.
  • Apply the EU energy labelling system to existing appliances as a key measure to stimulate customer activity.