Energy Security

Providing Europe with secure gas supplies

Gas is a highly reliable energy source due to its robust infrastructure and diverse supplies from inside and outside Europe. International gas trading is pivotal for balanced commercial relationships with Europe’s neighbouring countries.

Superb Infrastructure

Existing gas network ensures reliable gas supply.

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Infrastructure Expansion

A highly interconnected gas network which is fit for purpose.

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Highly Reliable

Gas is highly reliable thanks to robust infrastructure and diverse supplies.

Robust infrastructure…

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…and diverse supplies.

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Gas brings security of supply with diverse sources and routes.

Balanced Trade Partnerships

International gas trading is pivotal for balanced, commercial relationships with Europe’s neighbouring countries.

EU balance of trade1

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  • The trade partnership with Russia, Norway and Algeria is quite balanced.
  • Europe imports mainly commodities from these countries and exports mainly more sophisticated goods like machinery and services.
  • The value of Russian gas exports to the EU (€36bn) is a 10 times higher share of the Russian GDP than of the EU GDP.

Policy Recommendations

Energy Security

Create a reliable and positive framework for the European gas market.

  • Coordinate electricity and gas policies for a coherent energy market design.

Encourage diversification of gas sources and routes.

  • Let the EU remain attractive for both European and external producers through security of demand.
  • Continue to work with producer and transit countries for a stable political environment.

Facilitate market-based investment in gas infrastructure so that no Member State remains dependent on a single source or supply route.

Complete the internal gas market in all Member States.

  • Ensure full implementation of the Third Energy Package in all Member States.
  • Complete and implement the network codes.
  • Encourage the development of liquid regional hubs.

Revise the Security of Gas Supply Regulation:

  • Give clear preference to market-based measures.
  • Promote regional cooperation whilst pursuing the implementation of existing security of supply rules and EU-wide market integration at a fast pace.
  • Respect commercial sensitivity of supply contracts to protect commercial secrets and avoid duplication of reporting.